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fusion xbox controller
fusion xbox controller

Manufacturer: Power A
Where to buy: Amazon
RRP: £79.99 (as of this article posted)

Third-party drivers benefit customers greatly. It forces console manufacturers to provide a high-quality product and offers a good alternative at a low price. Wireless controllers are usually the cheapest third-party devices because you don’t have to worry about wireless/Bluetooth components. 

The Fusion Pro 2 controller from Power A has made a significant promise. It addresses the issue of what an even cheaper wired version of an Xbox Elite controller might look like.

The Power, an Elite Controller, is significantly cheaper than an official Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which costs about $140. It also costs a little more than the regular Xbox Series Wireless Controller, which sells for about £60. I’m not alone in thinking that this has to offer such a great product that is wired doesn’t matter.

What do you get for your money, exactly? 

You can pick between two magnetic faceplates: one black and one white. They’re straightforward to swap; just change them depending on your preference. The thumbsticks are replaceable, and the Power A includes two games in the package, as with the Xbox Elite controller. Standard-height thumbsticks feel and look similar to the regular controller in grip and color, followed by two taller convex thumbsticks.

The Razer Naga Trinity features a mappable professional package consisting of a square fixture that sits in the controller’s back and contains four programmable paddles. The paddles may be adjusted to two or one depending on the number of paddles needed or desired. Each trigger has a 3-way trigger lock allowing you to change the depth at which they can be pushed.

Finally, the controller features a volume dial that may be used to adjust the headphone volume and a wired headset that can be plugged straight into the controller’s 3.5mm jack port and silenced. The Fusion Pro 2 controller also comes with a stylish carrying bag like the Elite, so all of your spare pieces may be safely stored and transported when gaming on the go.

Unlike the Xbox Elite Controller, the Fusion Pro 2 does not have a replaceable D-pad, which might be a problem for some customers. It’s not because they aren’t replaceable; it’s simply because they opted to use only the four-point D-pad rather than the circular design. 

This is, of course, a matter of personal taste, but I thought it was odd that they went with the four-point cross D-pad instead of the circular design.

The manufacturer claims that the sound quality equals, if not better than, the standard driver. It also has a share button, which all controllers in the series now have as standard. 

The pad’s dual vibration motors provide more incredible vibrational feedback than normal controls. The premium protective cover holds everything securely and conveniently. All controllers and accessories may be safely stored in the premium protective case, which has a three-meter cable length.

I’d say it’s approximately the same size as a standard serial controller from the picture above. It’s pretty much the same shape, except that the Fusion Controller has a more rounded profile at the bottom of the handles.


The Fusion Pro 2 controller is a great wired controller. Do you have the same capabilities as the Xbox Elite controller? Most of the characteristics match up, and the controller has a nice heft to it. Those who want an Elite controller but don’t want to pay for one may appreciate this option.


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