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What discs work in an Xbox Series X and how to use them

can the xbox series x play xbox 360 games
can the xbox series x play xbox 360 games

It’s best to know what discs work in an Xbox 360, or else you may never know if you’ve got any movies on a disc. Knowing what works in an Xbox 360 will help you figure out how much of your physical gaming library is playable, as well as which films you can watch if you have any on disc.

Fortunately, the Xbox Series X has a wide range of disc compatibility alternatives, allowing you to play your existing Xbox 360 and even original Xbox game library on your new Series X as well as a variety of entertainment options on different media.

This implies you may continue to play your existing favorites or revisit some classics, whether for nostalgia or because you own the disc, now that you’ve acquired an Xbox Series X.

We’re here to help you figure out which discs will and won’t work in an Xbox Series X. The Xbox One S is a slimline model of the home gaming console produced by Microsoft, which was unveiled on November 7, 2017.

It comes in two different colors: black and white. The system generates heat when playing games or watching TV for extended periods of time.

What discs work in an Xbox Series X

You can now play original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games on your console. With the new Xbox Series X, you may use game discs for both the original Xbox and the Xbox One (with the exception of Kinect titles), as well as any other existing or future games that work on the platform.

Insert the game disc, and follow any on-screen instructions to install data or download updates. After that, you’re ready to play. For additional information on how to install Xbox Games for XS, particularly digital games, check here.

Do you want to know if the Xbox One X plays Blu-ray discs? Yes, the Xbox One X can playback Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray disks, and DVDs to watch your favorite films, TV shows, and more. Simply pop in a disc and start viewing after downloading the Blu-Ray Player app from the Store on your Xbox One X.

How to insert discs in an Xbox Series X

If your Xbox Series X console is positioned in the conventional manner, with the power button on top right corner, insert your discs into them in the conventional way, with the label side facing upwards. Insert your DVDs into your Xbox Series X in a vertical position if it’s standing upright.

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When a new video game console is introduced, it often has a small library of games. It takes months, if not years, for the system’s software to mature and include must-have games that take advantage of the system’s advancing technology.

As a result, being able to play your old games on your new console, especially in the first few months when the next-gen console does not have many game titles that justify the money spent, is a big deal.

I totally understand why it’s vital for you to know the answer to this question… Can the Xbox Series X play Xbox 360 games? Yes, some of your favorite old games are playable on the Xbox Series X.

Backward compatibility is included in the Xbox Series X, allowing previous-generation consoles to play both original Xbox and Xbox One games.

The games load faster, have higher resolution and frame rates, and a variety of other enhancements when played on the Xbox Series X.


From the above it is clear that the Xbox Series X can play discs for the original Xbox, Xbox 360, as well as any future games released for the platform. You can also use Blu-ray discs and DVDs on your console. So if you’re wondering whether or not you can play your old games on the new Xbox Series X, the answer is yes!

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