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Xbox One beeps but won’t turn on

xbox one won't turn on but beeps
Xbox One Beeps But Won’t Turn On

Have you ever had an issue with your Xbox One beeping but not turning on? This is a typical problem with the Xbox One, and it may be fixed in a few simple steps. There are usually two situations when your Xbox One will beep after pressing the power button but will not turn on:

You press the power button, and it beeps, but it doesn’t turn on. The console will turn on after you press the button a second time. When you push the power button on your Xbox One, nothing happens. The console’s power state may be preventing it from turning on.

The second scenario is considerably more severe, and your Xbox One might need to be replaced or serviced. Let’s look at a few solutions for resolving the problem of your Xbox One beeping but not turning on.

Option 1: Turn your Xbox on and off

This is the most common (and easiest) solution for your Xbox One beeping but not turning on.

How to turn your Xbox One on and off:

Turn off the Xbox One by pressing and holding down the power button for 10 seconds while it is switched off. The console will turn off, and the power brick will turn orange for a brief period before returning to white. This indicates that your system has completed rebooting and entered a standby mode. If your Xbox One beeps but does not react, press the button.

This solution also works for many other problems like:

  1. Games don’t start
  2. Games crash or freeze
  3. Downloads stop
  4. Slow upload or download speeds

We’ll look at a few more options that haven’t been covered here but have helped other individuals with the problem of their Xbox One beeping but not turning on.

Option 2 – Tap the eject button repeatedly

Tap the eject button repeatedly on the front of your Xbox One – The machine beeps but will not turn on. This may seem strange, but several people on the Xbox boards have claimed that they fixed their Xbox One that was ringing but would not turn on by repeatedly pressing the eject button on the front of the device.

A forum member discovered that they were pressing the middle button on their Xbox One controller and tapping the eject button before their console turned on. If you can figure out how to repair your Xbox using this insane procedure, please comment below. We’d be interested to hear it!

Optional 3: Check your power cord and power supply

Check your Xbox One’s power brick – Your Xbox One beeps but won’t turn on. There’s a possibility that your Xbox One’s power supply is disconnected or about to fail at any moment. A frayed, bent wire or damaged plastic casing on the power brick might indicate that the power supply is faulty and why your console will not start. 

Fortunately, a new power connector is relatively inexpensive and considerably less expensive than replacing or upgrading your Xbox One.

“The single power cable (and not a brick) on the new Xbox One X and Xbox One Series X implies that you may upgrade to a newer Xbox console.”

Option 4 – Unplug your Xbox for 10 seconds

If you’ve tried everything else, unplugging your Xbox One’s power supply from the wall and the console for 10 seconds should resolve the issue in which your Xbox One beeps but doesn’t turn on. This is a system restart, not a power cycle. If you need further assistance, Microsoft has an informative guide to what to do if your Xbox One won’t turn on and a troubleshooting video available.

Were you able to fix your Xbox One that was ringing but wouldn’t turn on?

If your Xbox One repeats the same beeps but will not turn on, it may require repair. You can examine Microsoft’s helpful repair guides, instructions, and troubleshooting or for more information.

Have you tried any of the methods mentioned in this article, but your Xbox won’t turn on?

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