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Best Xbox One Emulator for Windows PC and Mac in 2022

xbox one emulator
xbox one emulator

The Xbox One was launched as a direct rival to the PlayStation 4. Microsoft’s console is off to a good start, with comparable specs.

It was quickly succeeded by the Xbox One S in 2016, owing to low graphics level criticisms. The good news is that you can still play Xbox One games; they’re just emulated.

What is an Xbox One emulator?

An emulator for an Xbox One computer program, is a program that was created to emulate Xbox hardware and run games and ROMs on a Windows PC.

As long as these emulators are operating, they’re good to go. One thing to note here is that no emulator is flawless, and each has its drawbacks. It’s up to you to pick which Xbox emulator works best for you.

The best Xbox One emulators

  1. Xenia
    Xenia is an Xbox emulator that runs Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. It began as an Xbox 360 project but has backwards compatibility, allowing you to play older Xbox editions.

    The open-source emulator is being continuously improved; therefore, expect frequent updates. Keep in mind that the software works on Windows 8.1 or later versions (including 64-bit).

    On the developers’ schedule, cross-platform functionality is planned; Linux development appears promising at this time.
  2. Xeon
    Moving on to the second Xbox One emulator, we have something that only runs ONE game: Halo: Combat Evolved (NTSC version). Xeon had a short life span, proofing that Xbox emulation is possible.

    You may assign controllers to the keyboard if you don’t have a real controller to connect in.

    It would be a lot better if you set your expectations low regarding the user interface. The user interface appears old and reminds me of Windows 98.
  3. Xemu
    It is a program that allows you to play games from your PlayStation 1 disc on Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs.

    Xemu aims to improve the quality of Xbox emulation. You can use it on Windows 10 PCs, macOS, and most Linux systems because it is cross-platform software.

    The installation is received after you launch the emulator. There are several options in the setup box, including locating your BIOS and hard drive image.

    After completing the game file and other settings, it will restart the program to load the game for you to play. Each game necessitates a separate resumption of this procedure.
  4. Cxbx-reloaded
    The Cxbx emulator is one of the most stable available right now. You’ve heard of the original Cxbx, which inspired the improved version.

    The reloaded edition, like its progenitor, can convert Xbox executables to native Windows executable files. With over 45 per cent of the 1050 games intending to be played, the chances appear appealing.

    From its own dedicated web page, you may verify compatibility. You may employ the original Xbox pixel shaders when emulating the PlayStation. The Xbox SDK samples are simple to use.
  5. Dxbx
    It is based on Cxbx’s code architecture, with its kernel, driver emulation, and other features. Rollback the block since it is compatible with Windows 2000 and above.

    If you’re using a later OS version, you’ll need to run it in compatibility mode because the 64-bit version has stopped working.

    With the Direct 3D engine (HAL and REF), utilized in almost all games, you shouldn’t encounter any graphical issues. The supported display resolution is FULL HD, 1920 by 1080 pixels.

    Controllers can be linked, but the keyboard cannot be assigned keys. The user will have to make do with the keyboard’s default keys. You also get Xbe to explore from Dxbx, which aids in the management of XBE executable files.
  6. VR Xbox 360 Emulator
    In virtual reality, you may play your preferred Xbox game. Isn’t it fascinating? That is exactly what a group of Xenia project developers is trying to do.
  7. EX360E Xbox 360 Emulator
    It’s a great program for people who want to play games on their PC but aren’t ready to go all-in with buying a dedicated gaming PC. It was originally designed for Xbox 360 and works well as an Xbox One emulator on PC.

    It converts native Xbox files into native Windows executable files, much like Cxbx. You may run all games without going through the virtual environment since it converts native software into real-world executable files.

    As a result, you have a 64-bit gaming environment that runs smoothly. According to a Reddit discussion, this Xbox emulator supports over 50 titles. To begin, you’ll need a 64-bit operating system. In certain sections, the user interface seems misplaced.
  8. PCSX2
    PCSX2 is a well-known emulator for game consoles. PS1 and PS2 games can be played using Xbox One and Xbox 360 controls.

    Gameplay can be recorded in 4K resolution thanks to the seamless recording capability, which allows you to record your game. Scale your visuals up to Ultra HD quality, with texture smoothing and demanding.

    We also have fast save states, a pnach patch system for cheating, and an integrated FPS limiter.
  9. XQEMU
    The XQEMU emulator is an older version of the XEMU emulator discussed previously. It’s a low-level open-source system emulator for the Xbox and Sega Chihiro.

    There are SDL2 compatible input devices for controller users that can be used to simulate an Xbox emulator. You may look up the assigned keys on the input page for more information, which cannot be altered.

    Users may connect real Xbox devices to physical network devices via tap networking to play games against real Xbox consoles. As the game developers continue to develop a more stable Xbox emulator, you’ll be able to check the games’ compatibility.
  10. X360ce
    You’ve probably already got your preferred Xbox One emulator. Here’s an emulator for the Xbox 360 controller that simulates other controllers, including native 360 controllers.

    Check the support page for more information on which games the emulator supports. There are two distinct versions available, for 32-bit and 64-bit games, which must be downloaded separately.

    Downloads are compressed and include an executable file. That must be launched before using it.

Are Xbox One emulators legal?

In essence, emulation is not expressly prohibited. As we previously said, emulating a game isn’t against the law per se. You should be fine as long as you have access to both the original game and the vintage XBOX’s BIOS.

Users are not permitted to duplicate, distribute, or disseminate game dumps or ROMs by copyright law. You may always obtain an old disc from eBay, Craigslist, or another source and use it on an Xbox emulator.

Are Xbox One ROMs available for free?

The official Xbox store, accessible through the Xbox One’s interface, allows you to purchase and download games for the console. It might be considered illegal, if you download them from a third-party website.


These were some of the most reliable and effective Xbox One emulators. Each has its own set of features, functionality, and game availability. Make sure to save your original game and BIOS files before loading them into any emulators. Emulators might corrupt data files, resulting in losing your original copies.


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