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How to Plant Grapes in Islands

How to Plant Grapes in Islands
How to Plant Grapes in Islands

Although grapes are not typically associated with the game Roblox, they can actually be quite helpful! Today we’re going to take a look at how you can plant and use grapes in order to make different food items that can be sold for coins.

Before you can start growing grapes, you will need to craft a Trellis! To build one, you will need 30 Birch Wood and 1 Tall Grass. The trees that you start with in the game are just considered generic trees and will only give normal wood.

Trellis Islands Roblox

In order to obtain Birch Wood, you will need to purchase some Birch Saplings. They grow in the same way as other trees do and can be harvested with an axe. After you have your desired amount of wood, look for Tall Grass around your island; it spawns randomly. Cut it down with your axe and then collect it!

Locate the Trellis in your inventory, then drag it to any location on your island. Now that you have a Trellis, you may use it in any position on your island. The Seed Vendor now has a Grape Seed for sale at 3,000 coins each. Plant the seed into the Trellis and wait for the grapes!

Now you can use grapes for baking and selling to the new Baker vendor! They’re always looking for things like Grape Jam or a jam sandwich.

To make grape jam, you will first need to create a cooking table. For this recipe, you will need two grapes. To make the dough for the Jam Sandwich, mix three wheat together and bake in either a campfire or small furnace.

You can make a Jam Sandwich with 2x Bread and your Grape Jam by bringing it back to the Cooking Table.


Grapes are a versatile fruit that can be used to make many different food items in the game Roblox. By following the steps above, you can easily plant and use grapes on your island to create delicious jams and sandwiches that can be sold for profit! So what are you waiting for?

Start planting those grapes today!


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