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How to upgrade Totems in Roblox Islands

How to upgrade Totems in Roblox Islands
How to upgrade Totems in Roblox Islands

Tapping a few menu buttons is all it takes to upgrade totems in Roblox Islands, giving the player powerful passive buffs that make farming crops and mining minerals easier. The only catch is that players need enough coins and resources to level up their totem.

If you want to upgrade any totems, locate a totem that has already been placed down on the ground. To access your storage menu, tap the totem directly or press F while being close to the totem.

On the right side of your inventory is a smaller menu window. Underneath that, there is an Upgrade button. By pressing it, you will open the totem menu.

The totem level menu is where you can upgrade your totem. The leftmost box displays the totem’s current stats and passive benefits that the player receives while standing near it.

The next three boxes are named Utility, Efficiency, and Quality. Each upgrade provides the player with stronger buffs.


  1. Crop Totems: Using this product helps improve the growth rate of crops.
  2. Mineral Totems: This upgrade will help you do more damage to minerals.


Quicker harvests and mining operations.


One of the benefits of using Proof is that it can help improve your yield. This means you’ll be able to harvest or mine more product, which can be a big help for your business.

There are costs associated with improving the Quality, Efficiency, and Utility stats. Each statistic type requires a specific number of coins and materials.

Secondary resources such as wood, iron, stone, and others can lead to an increase in stats as well as more coins and resources upon upgrading.

Around the same number of levels, Crop and Mineral Totems can both be improved. So Efficiency, for example, should be upgraded 53 times.


Players can easily upgrade totems by accessing the storage menu and pressing the ‘Upgrade’ button. This will open the totem menu where players can see the current stats and benefits of the totem.

Upgrading a totem requires coins and resources, but provides powerful buffs that make farming and mining easier. So be sure to upgrade your totems to make life in Roblox Islands a little bit easier!


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