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What happened to Skyblock in Roblox and will it ever make a comeback?

What happened to Skyblock in Roblox
What happened to Skyblock in Roblox

Among the most popular video games on Roblox, Blockman GO Studio’s Skyblock was heavily inspired by the classic Minecraft SkyBlock game mode.

It gave players the freedom to establish their own islands, create enormous farms and cook a variety of meals, gather various precious resources, and sell items in order to earn some money.

What happened to Skyblock in Roblox?

The game has acquired a larger following with time, and the number of users continued to rise at an exponential rate since the game’s initial release, with over 75,000 players now.

Sadly, Skyblock has been shut down because of copyright issues.

Did Skyblock get deleted?

After a DMCA request, Skyblock has been deleted from the Roblox platform. The developer at Blockman GO Studio changed the game’s name to Islands in order to avoid deletion, but Roblox still removed the game.

It was believed that the name change would prevent Skyblock from being taken down, however, the efforts were in vain.

If you aren’t familiar, Skyblock took inspiration from the popular game Minecraft.
In fact, it was a mod for the game that replicated most of its content and features.

The game has been a great success, and the abrupt closure offends many players who have invested hours into the game in order to construct and preserve their island. There have also been a lot of sponsored players in the game that have acquired VIP and Pro game passes to support it.

The game’s community was so volatile that several chat rooms supporting the game began to appear online in its support. There are several YouTubers who have been covering a variety of topics relating to the game and updates, in addition to being vloggers.

Will Roblox Skyblock come back in the future?

It’s uncertain if Islands, formerly known as Skyblock, will ever return on the gaming platform, but the developers have said on Twitter that they’re working hard to bring it back online and that players’ progress in the game will not be lost.


It’s uncertain if Islands, formerly known as Skyblock, will ever return to Roblox. However, the developers have said they are working hard to bring it back online.

Players’ progress in the game will not be lost. Whether or not Skyblock makes a comeback, it’s clear that the game has made a lasting impression on its players.

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