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How to make an automatic Iron Farm in Roblox Islands?

How to make an automatic Iron Farm in Roblox Islands
How to make an automatic Iron Farm in Roblox Islands

In the sandbox style Roblox experience Islands, automatic farming is a time-saving technique for gamers to increase their inventory and continue developing their ever-growing farm automatically—this is especially true in the sandbox style.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to build an automatic iron farm that will make gathering resources a breeze. We’ll also go over what materials you’ll need and the approximate cost of putting it all together.


Before you can start developing your iron farm, be sure to have the following:

  1. You will need a workbench that is at least tier three to do the best work.
  2. There are multiple conveyor belts in this store.
  3. Three factories that make iron
  4. Glass
  5. A chest for storing things in a factory.
  6. Iron totems are sculptures made out of iron.

Getting Started

  1. You will need a designated plot of land for your farm.
  2. You will need to place your three smelters on your plot of land.
  3. Make sure that the homes you list are at least three blocks away from each other and all face the same direction.
  4. Set up three lines of conveyor belts, with each one going through a different smelter. The lines should all meet in the middle.
  5. The two horizontal conveyor belts should be ramps so that the product can move easily.
  6. If you need help making conveyor belts, our guides on how to get steel rods in Roblox Islands and find all resource types in Roblox can assist you.
  7. Place an industrial chest or whatever storage solution is appropriate for you at the end of your conveyor belts.
  8. Create and add a glass panel to hover between the two horizontal conveyor ramps’ intersection.
  9. The conveyor belt will be kept clean by removing any bits of cloth, paper, or other junk that may have accumulated on the surface. Any dirty material should be removed to prevent it from clogging the apparatus and causing jamming.
  10. Before the smelter, place as many iron totems as you can fit along the conveyor belt.
  11. Arius sells iron totems for 4000 coins each.
  12. The iron totems will start dumping iron ores on your conveyor belt, which should be enough to help you finish building the processing plant.
  13. The iron ore will pass through the smelter and become iron. Then, it will continue along the conveyer belt until it reaches the industrial chest at the end of the line.
  14. Retrieve your iron from the chest.


Congratulations! You have now built an automatic iron farm in Roblox Islands. This helpful guide showed you what materials to gather, how to set up your conveyor belts, and where to place your smelters and storage chests.

With this farming method, you can easily amass a large amount of iron ore without having to lift a finger!

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