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How to Get a Display Name in Roblox

how to get a display name on roblox pc
how to get a display name on roblox pc

Roblox has been around for a long time and remains one of the most popular games on the Internet. The game’s popularity has grown dramatically in recent months, and the developers are preparing to introduce some major improvements to Roblox.

The ability to modify the display name is one of the most requested features in Roblox. Players may select a username when creating their Roblox account now.

If players want to alter their username later, they must pay 1,000 Robux. This isn’t really feasible for a lot of players because 1000 Robux costs around $12. With the introduction of display names, however, things are about to change.

What’s the difference between display names and usernames?

Just a few days ago, Roblox Staff stated in the official Developer Forum that the game would shortly feature display names. One might be curious as to what sets display names apart from normal usernames.

Display names, unlike regular usernames, will have no impact on your account. Display names have several benefits. First and foremost, unlike the username, the display name does not need to be unique.

There may be duplicate display names among two or more players. Players can also alter their display name as many times as they want for free. You do read correctly; the only restriction is that you must wait seven days before changing your display name again.

The display name update is now available in Germany and other European countries. Unfortunately, there is presently no way for players outside of Europe to modify their display names.

However, considering that the update has now gone live in Germany, it should be available internationally as soon on. If you’ve already gotten the update!

Follow these steps to modify your display name in Roblox.

  • Open the Roblox website and sign in to your account.
  • Go to Account settings
  • Your Display Name and Account Number will be visible under your profile.
  • To change your Display Name, tap the Edit button next to your Display Name.

Roblox is available on PC, Xbox One, Android, iOS, and Mac.


There you have it! This is how you can get a display name in Roblox.

Be sure to take advantage of this new feature and make your account more personalized. As always, happy gaming!

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