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How to crouch and take cover in GTA Online and GTA V Xbox

how to crouch in gta 5 xbox one
how to crouch in gta 5 xbox one

The video game Grand Theft Auto Online offers players the option to be theTerminator, but it is wiser to crouch and take cover. If you want your character to survive continuing fighting and Missions with other players, they will be important skills know.

The safest place to be in a fire is behind something. The GTA cover system means that any item you are near will serve as protection, but keep in mind that some of them may be destroyed; don’t get too comfortable in any one position.

You can use the following buttons to take refuge when you’re close to a wall, fence, crate, or vehicle.

  • PC – Q
  • PlayStation 4 – R1
  • Xbox One – RB

When you’re in concealment, your character will instantly crouch down as needed to try and keep themselves completely hidden. On consoles, you may peek from behind cover by pressing the left trigger, or the right mouse button on PC.

You will be able to target your foes when you do this, but it puts you in danger of being hit by enemy gunfire. Take some shots then return to cover; don’t reload while out in the open where enemies can see and attack you. Always make certain that you are fully hidden before trying to reload your weapon.

Hit the Q, R1, or RB buttons to leave concealment; your character will spring out of cover. It’s a little irritating because your character has a tendency of reorientating himself to get behind cover, but you’ll soon get used to it.


Overall, taking cover and crouching are important skills to learn in GTA Online and GTA V if you want your character to survive. Hiding behind walls, fences, crates, or vehicles can help protect you from enemy gunfire.

You can also peek from behind cover to take shots at enemies, but be sure to return to cover afterwards. Always make sure you are fully hidden before reloading your weapon. If you need to leave concealment for any reason, hit the Q, R1, or RB buttons.

Your character will spring out of cover and reorient himself to get behind the nearest form of protection. With practice, these skills will become second nature and help keep you alive in the game’s many firefights.

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