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Adopt Me Test Lab – What is it, New Updates, How to Join and More

adopt me test lab roblox
Adopt Me Test Lab

Roblox has been one of those games that has maintained its popularity over time and is still growing. We’re sure we’ll be receiving a major voice chat update in the next few days, which will be one of the game’s most anticipated features.

When it comes to the most played games on Roblox, Adopt Me is probably the only one that comes to mind. It is unquestionably the most popular Roblox game with over 20 billion visits.

The makers have been working hard to include more features in Adopt Me, and we’ve had a few important updates recently. The mythical egg is being prepared by the developers, who will include some legendary creatures in the game with it.

Today, the developers revealed Adopt Me Test Lab, a new feature that will be available to players. This is all you need to know about it.

What is Adopt Me Test Lab?

The Test Lab is a closed beta program that allows users to test out upcoming features before they’re released. The following is a description of the Test Lab.

The Adopt Me Test Lab is a test server where players may experiment with and sample updates before they are deployed to the main Adopt Me servers. Nothing you do in the Test Lab will be saved; player data is erased frequently, so you’ll lose all of your progress.

How to join Adopt Me Test Lab?

Unfortunately, the game does not include a function that allows players to directly join Adopt Me Test Lab. Players will be chosen at random to join the Test Lab and informed via a pop-up message in-game. You may also sign up for the Test Lab by visiting Experiences by DreamCraft on your Account page.

Will new updates that show up in Test Lab be added to the game?

Yes and no are the answers. It’s simply for testing, as the name implies. Most features may make it into the game, but some might not.


The Test Lab is a great way for players to get a sneak peek of upcoming features in Adopt Me. However, it’s important to note that not all features shown in the Test Lab will necessarily make it into the final game.

Nevertheless, it’s still a fun way to experience new content and give feedback to the developers.

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