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How To Become Small In MeepCity

how to be small in roblox meep city
how to be small in roblox meep city

Roblox’s MeepCity is a game where you can use your imagination. The game gives extensive customization possibilities, including the gameplay, estate, and every other asset. If you’ve ever wanted to be a little meep in Roblox, this article will help you learn how to shrink down.

In MeepCity, you will manage your own personal property and utilize your social skills to interact with individuals around you. The game has its own in-game currency that can be used to acquire items.

Furthermore, the newest feature enables users to trade coins for unique and uncommon goods like Meeps. You may simply visit the Pet Shop to pick out your beloved product or Meep.

The game features a membership plan, where members receive up to 15 coins each day and non-members can earn up to 5.

There are currently just two methods to become tiny in MeepCity. To make your character small, follow the procedures below.

The first thing you must do is attend a party. Look around the room in order to find the outfit. The clothing is generally found in various rooms. If not, check out other areas and you’ll discover a series of outfits aligned with a red button to select it.

After you’ve finished selecting it, make sure to put it in your inventory. By doing this, the clothing is saved permanently and may be used at any time.

The clothing does not need to be purchased in-game. Also, remember to go around other people inside the chamber to see whether the attire is effective.

The R15 scaling tools are another way to get small in MeepCity. Select the character you want to modify on the official Roblox character customization site. Use the scale function to adjust the height and width of the figure.


Overall, there are two main methods to become small in MeepCity.

First, you can attend a party and look for the outfit.
Second, you can use the R15 scaling tools to adjust the size of your character.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to have fun and enjoy the game!

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