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xbox one model 1540
xbox one model 1540

The Xbox One was first released in 2013. Back then, there was only one type of Xbox One. But now there are different types. So how do you know what kind of Xbox One you have?

With the Xbox Series X scheduled to debut on April 5, many people will want to get rid of their old consoles. You may be able to buy a used Xbox One for a low price. If you’re considering any of these options, find out what version of Xbox you have and how much it’s worth.

What are the different Xbox models?

Xbox One (1520/1540)

The Xbox One was released at the same time as the Xbox Kinect. It was more expensive than the Playstation 4 by £100. The original Xbox One came in a large black box similar to the black Xbox 360 version but had sharper corners.

Xbox One shipped in two editions: the Kinect Sensor edition (model number 1520) and the console-only edition (model number 1540).
The Xbox One was more expensive than necessary and hard to find because it came with Kinect. The Xbox One S replaced the Xbox One in the market.

The Xbox One S (1681)

Microsoft Xbox One S was released two years after the original Xbox One. The new model had a slightly faster graphics processor, used less power, was lighter, and didn’t come with the Kinect sensor, making it cheaper by £100.

The Microsoft Xbox One S 1681 was a newer model of the Xbox One. It came in white, had a USB port on the front, and got rid of the Kinect. Games can be played in HDR, as long as your TV supports the resolution. However, because the system was not powerful enough to run games in 4K, it did not include support for this feature. Blue Ray DVDs were the only way to get this functionality.

The Xbox One S is marginally better than the Xbox One in terms of performance. Xbox One S also requires games previously released on Xbox One to have an HDR-compatible patch and this performance boost.

The Xbox One S came in two different versions. One without a disc reader just to play downloadable games, this version featured a minimum 1TB hard drive and could not play DVDs or Blue Ray discs.

The Xbox One X (1787)

Microsoft Xbox One X is a high-end video game console manufactured by Microsoft and was released in November 2017 with model number 1787. The Xbox One X is intended to compete against the PlayStation 4 Pro and claims to be 40% more powerful. Than any other console on the market.

The One X is more powerful than the S. It’s also smaller and compact. The unit is hidden between the two levels of the box.

Xbox One Project Scorpio Edition was a limited edition version intended for early adopters of the system. This particular variant only has cosmetic differences and no hardware changes. It was black with “Project Scorpio” embossed on the side in green.

Is it worth buying an Xbox One S in 2020?

If you’re looking to buy an Xbox One, the best you can get right now is the Xbox One S. It’s a good balance of price and performance. If you want the best performance and 4K gameplay, the Xbox One X is a better option.

How to identify which version of Xbox you have?

If you want to sell your Xbox, you can find the model number on the top right corner of the machine. The model number is four digits long and begins with a 1. The Xbox One S has a model number of 1681, while the original Microsoft Xbox One has an identification number of 1520 or 1540.

The Xbox One S is identified by its model number, 1681. The model number of Xbox One X is 1787. This number identifies the type of Xbox you have based on its model number.

To find out the size of the hard drive you’ll need to go into:

  1. Settings.
  2. System.
  3. Storage > Maximum Storage Size.

You can identify the Xbox One you have and its value from there.

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