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How to add friends on Halo Infinite

how to add friends on xbox halo infinite
how to add friends on xbox halo infinite

Add people to your friends list in Halo Infinite so that you can team up and play with them easily. Here’s what you need to know about adding friends in Halo Infinite.

The game is available on two platforms: Steam and through the Xbox application. If you’re using an Xbox app, search for your friend’s gamertag and add them on there. Make sure you’ve added each other as friends, and then you should be able to join up with each other’s fireteams without a problem.

This also applies to Steam.

Or, if you prefer, click on the Friends tab and search for them while they’re playing Halo Infinite. You can find friends via Steam or Discord when searching.

Make sure you have your Xbox account linked to your Discord profile so that the two services can sync up more smoothly when inviting friends from Discord. The Steam tag, on the other hand, doesn’t show up as frequently as Discord.

Typically, your friends on Steam should appear when you search for them. But if they are not appearing no matter what you do, try searching their profile name and send them an invitation via that method.

Crossplay is not available in Halo Infinite, but the game does include full crossplay. You won’t have to be concerned about which system your friends are playing on when it comes to Halo Infinite.


Adding friends on Halo Infinite is a simple process that can be done through the Xbox application or Steam. Crossplay is available in Halo Infinite, so you won’t have to worry about which system your friends are playing on.

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