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Roblox Dennis Daily says goodbye to the game

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One of the most well-known YouTubers, Denis Daily, has announced quitting Roblox. Dennis Daily bids farewell to the game in a video message to his supporters. This blog will explain why he is leaving the game.


Denis Kopotun, known as Denis Daily, is a Canadian YouTuber who plays Roblox video games. On June 5, 1996, he was born in Edmonton, Canada, before moving to Tennessee, then to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and finally back to Canada. He currently resides in Vancouver, Canada, and is dating O’Hara.

Denis started his Youtube gaming journey with a channel called KongoBoom. He made interesting Minecraft videos with his friend, Corl. But he gave up Kongoboom to focus on a new collaborative project called “The Pals” when he met Sketch, Sub, and Alex.
He is one of the most popular Roblox YouTubers. He now holds the number-one spot for male Roblox YouTubers, along with GamingwithKev and Flamingo. He was a member of the Youtube group “The Pals,” which disbanded owing to a rift in July 2019. Sketch, Cor

A Break from Youtube

In 2020, Denis Daily left Youtube after stating that he was worn out from creating Roblox videos for a living.

In December 2021, the Youtuber on Twitter wrote this:

I can’t keep putting a face on anymore. I’m not okay and haven’t been okay for a long time. I’ve stopped myself from ever saying anything because I felt as soon as I do it’d make it real, but it’s been real for years and I’m so tired of bottling it up.

The last thing I wanna be is a mopey YouTuber complaining about their life. I understand how lucky I am which is why I’ve tried so hard to smile and keep the energy up, but all I want right now is a break. I’m really sorry if I’ve disappointed some of you, I just need some time.

Why did Denis quit Roblox?

In a recent video, Denis said he was quitting making Roblox videos because he felt that he was getting too stressed. He did not want to keep making more videos that he did not have time for his family or himself.

Denis stated, “I make thousands of videos every year and it gradually makes me feel obligated to create fresh material.” He thought he had lost his previous enthusiasm and motivation while creating Youtube content. He said that he would be focusing on making Minecraft films. Several YouTubers, including KonekoKitten and Parlo, wished him good luck in his future endeavors.


Denis Daily, the most well-known Roblox YouTuber, has announced quitting Roblox. In a video message to his supporters, Denis says goodbye to Roblox. He has been running Roblox YouTube channels for nine years, equivalent to 2727 days.

He said he was stressed from making videos because of his obligations and lack of time for himself or his family. And that is why he would quit Roblox. Several other YouTubers wished him luck in future endeavors.

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