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Best DNS Server for PS4 – 2024 – Find The Fastest for Your Location

best dns servers for ps4
best dns servers for ps4

Do you have the best DNS server for your Sony PS4? There are numerous choices when it comes to using a DNS server. Using the server with the lowest latency can significantly enhance your PlayStation 4 performance. Please keep in mind that we’re talking about latency (ping) here, not bandwidth. The use of a new DNS server will not increase your download speed. That being said, latency is far more essential than bandwidth while playing online. For each individual, the ideal DNS server will differ greatly.

Many gamers encourage everyone to use either or, despite the fact that they are frequently a good option for most people. That is why this test is so important if you want to enjoy your online gaming experience to its fullest potential.”

Why Does DNS Exist

Computers generally talk in numerical form. Humans, on the other hand, communicate using words. It’s difficult for people to remember lengthy digits. Websites would have to be accessed utilizing their IP addresses without the aid of DNS. For example, going to Amazon might require entering into your web browser. Imagine if every website had to be visited in this way. Fortunately, we have DNS to save us from having to remember it all ourselves

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical naming system for computers connected to the internet. DNS records link domain names with IP addresses using the Domain Name System. The “A” record, which binds domain names to IP addresses, is the most important. DNS serves as a friendly translator between domain names and IP addresses. Amazon.com is simpler to remember than for most individuals. Since 1985, DNS has been an essential component of the Internet. It remains very relevant today, and with IPv6, it will be even more critical than before.

Why Does Choosing the Fastest DNS Server Matter

Choosing the correct DNS server will minimize latency. The amount of time it takes for a packet of data to travel from one place to another is known as latency. This is especially significant on PS4 because of the network architecture of the PlayStation Network.

Your DNS server selection has no bearing on your bandwidth, as popular belief goes. If you’re interested in testing your internet speed, see this article. For online gaming on the PS4 system, latency is by far the most significant factor. Anything with a download/upload speed of 5 Mbps or higher offers sufficient bandwidth for online gaming. Latency is more important than bandwidth when it comes to obtaining a lag-free experience while playing online on the PS4.

How to Find the Best DNS Server for PS4

The process of changing the DNS latency is straightforward and requires nothing more than the command prompt or terminal program installed on your computer. The ping utility may be downloaded for Android or iOS to do this. I’ll demonstrate how to do it on Windows 10 in this example.

In this lesson, we’ll be using the ping command. This is accomplished by entering the term ping followed by the IP address and pressing enter. You will then receive responses from the server with the latency stated next to it. The lower the latency, the better. (ms)

DNS servers come in different shapes and sizes. There are numerous DNS server alternatives to choose from. The following DNS servers should be tried out: These are all DNS servers from reputable, trustworthy providers. I do not advocate using a DNS service that is unfamiliar since it could put your privacy at severe risk.

DNS Servers List

DNS Servers
ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
dns server list

From here, you will be able to easily determine the DNS server with the lowest latency based on your location. This varies from person to person. Cloudflare’s was my best option, followed by Level 3’s in my situation.

You’ve chosen the best DNS server for your location. I’d advise running this test at least once a year because things change over time, and you should check for the best option on a regular basis.

Where to Change Your DNS Server Settings

You can usually change your DNS server settings on almost any device, including computers, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, and some IoT devices. However, changing it on your router is by far the easiest method. You are applying the change to all of your connected devices when you change it on your router.

Manually Setting Your DNS Server on a PS4 Console

Open your network settings and then pick Set Up Internet Connection. nThen you’ll have to choose whether you’re using a LAN cable or WiFi. If you’re using WiFi, scan for networks and join one now. For this example, I’m connecting via a LAN cable, so I can skip this step. nChoose custom setup from here if that’s what you want to do. You won’t be able to set your DNS server settings if you pick simple.

Choose automatic for IP address settings and don’t provide a DHCP hostname. For DNS settings, choose manual. The primary DNS should be entered using the lowest-latency DNS server in your area. In my situation, was the lowest-latency DNS server accessible in my region. You’ll need to input the IP address of your secondary DNS server next. There are a few methods to do so depending on your needs.

The secondary DNS server connected with the primary DNS server is the first approach, which is by far the most popular. For example, or might be used as a secondary DNS server address on Google.

The second technique that I like to use is to utilize a different DNS servers from your secondary domain. This is a simple method to add redundancy into your setup. When it comes to DNS, reliability is crucial. You won’t be able to access the internet if your DNS server fails. This technique will ensure complete DNS reliability. If company “A” has an outage, business “B” remains unaffected. I recommend using the DNS server with the lowest latency as your primary DNS and the one with the second lowest latency as your secondary DNS

After that, you’ll want to enable automatic MTU settings and avoid using a proxy server.

After that, you’ll come to a screen where you may test your preferences. When the test is completed, you’ll get a YES or NO response. Please note that the PS4 speed test is worthless and provides no information at all. We propose testing your internet connection using a reputable internet speed testing service instead of the PS4 speed test.

Finally, it will display your network settings. Make double sure the DNS server is what you set manually. It will resemble what is shown below, but with your own settings.

Your setup is now complete after you’ve updated your DNS server on your PS4 to the best option based on where you live.

Standout DNS Choices For 2024


  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Cloudflare DNS is a speed-focused DNS service offered by one of the world’s most recognized web companies. Cloudflare is mostly recognized for its content delivery network (CDN) services. They are also conscious of your privacy and keep limited records. The DNS provided by strikes a good balance between speed and privacy, with an emphasis on speed


  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

The non-profit organization Quad9, which is supported by IBM and several other cybersecurity firms, runs a privacy security-focused public and free DNS server. In most cases, QUAD9 is a faster DNS option than Cloudflare DNS, but it isn’t always as quick. QUAD9 is committed to providing a privacy first service. They place a premium on minimizing data collection and keeping it secure.

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