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Guide: Spotify Not Working On PS4 – How To Fix Spotify PS4 Errors

spotify on ps4 not working
spotify on ps4 not working

Is Spotify Not Working On My PS4? Is Spotify On My PS4 Broken? If you’re having trouble with Spotify on Sony’s previous-generation console, you’re not alone. Over the years, several Spotify PS4 problems have been reported. Different options are accessible, so keep reading to learn more and hopefully your music program will be up and running again in no time.

Spotify Not Working On PS4, How To Fix

Here’s a list of known Spotify PS4 Problems, as well as potential solutions.

Spotify PS4 Error Connecting To PlayStation Network

If you’re getting this message, go to your account settings and unlink your Spotify account from your PSN profile. Then sign in again on a computer or device, then disconnect your Spotify account from your PSN profile. Login back into PSN on your PS4 and launch the Spotify program with the login credentials for a new account.

Spotify PS4 Error “Already Linked” Accounts

This problem occurs frequently, and you’ll need to completely delete your PSN and Spotify accounts before re-linking them.

Spotify PS4 App Won’t Open

Remove the Spotify PS4 app from your PlayStation 4 and reinstall it if it won’t open. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to get assistance from PlayStation support.

Spotify PS4 Error Can’t Log In

If you cannot log in to your Spotify PS4 account, it’s possible that you’re already logged in with other accounts. Log out of Spotify and all user accounts on your PS4 before activating Spotify on a specific account.


If you’re having trouble Spotify on Sony’s next-gen console, you’re not alone. Multiple Spotify PS4 errors have been cropping up over the years. Several solutions are available, so read more and expect the music app to work soon.

If the Spotify PS4 app doesn’t open, delete it from your console and reinstall it. We found some common errors, but we’ll update the article if we find others.


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