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What does Premium do in Bloxburg?

What does Premium do in Bloxburg?
What does Premium do in Bloxburg?

Premium suddenly has a lot of interest, particularly in Roblox’s Bloxburg.

What exactly is premium, and why should you care about it? Premium can be defined as anything that meets certain standards or criteria. Let’s look at what constitutes premium before we get into how it works in Bloxburg.

The game pass for Bloxburg, which costs R$400 and includes a variety of unique features for buyers, is considered premium. Premium in Bloxburg, like other Roblox game passes, has its own set of special perks and services for subscribers.

All purchases in-game are subject to low prices, whereas daily rewards have no upper limit. Each player receives a unique nametag, distinguishing them from those who haven’t purchased the game pass.

You also have a larger donation limit, which means you may give out friends and strangers alike. You’ll receive a different trophy to show off on your profile in addition to the existing unique “I’m an ERTL” one.

How to buy Premium?

Premium in Bloxburg is the same as Gamepass on Roblox, which means you can use it exactly the same way. Simply go to the Roblox website, search for the game you want to play, and make your purchase.

You can check out Bloxburg’s unique features and unblocked possibilities after you’ve purchased.

How to effectively use Premium in Bloxburg?

As a Premium Member of the game, you may assist other individuals by donating or even boosting your second account. You may also host giveaways that will increase your popularity among players.

You may also use this game to change your tag name as many times as you want. In addition, the individual tag system allows you to modify your name at any time. You can alter it if other gamers are spamming you with donations or giveaways.

The motion-activated camera is ideal for hiding a microcontroller and associated hardware that send signals to your remote control.

Exclusive Features

Affordable Bills

Premium members will get cheap bills, which are cut in half from standard players. Premium members only have to pay 0.3% of the property value as bills, whereas standard players have to pay 0.6%. This is beneficial for individuals who own pricey properties but can’t afford their expenses.

Daily Rewards

Standard account holders get less rewards than Premium subscribers. Standard players receive only $2,000 in daily bonuses as opposed to the $3,000 received by premium users.


The Premium players will receive a distinct nametag that shows they are a Premium member. This nametag may be seen above the player’s head and in the chat while they’re speaking.

Donation Limit

Higher-tier Premium gamers can contribute up to $50,000 to others, as opposed to just $10,000 for regular players. The cooldown is the same for both Premium and regular players. When you make a payment of $50,000, it seems to glitch out.)

Plot Locations

Premium players are able to choose their own plot location on the map, whereas regular players have it chosen for them.


When a Premium player first buys a gamepass, they will get a free Premium trophy, which may be displayed. This item may be found in the inventory of the player.


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