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Osu Hit, Vine Boom, and Bruh Sound Effect Roblox ID Codes

bruh sound effect roblox id
Osu Hit, Vine Boom, and Bruh Sound Effect Roblox ID Codes

If you’re searching for humorous sounds to use in your game, the first step is to figure out what they’re called. Goldendome compiled a list of codes for Roblox’s Bruh sound effect Roblox ID and several other popular sound effects.

Roblox is the ideal platform for novices attempting to get into this exciting career at a low level and share their creations with a large number of gamers.

Roblox Studio has all the fundamentals you’ll need to start making a professional game. From character and sound design to programming and optimizing, Roblox Studio has it all.

With this article, Goldendome want to assist you in learning how to incorporate the sound effects IDs identified in it into your game.

Roblox Sound Effect IDs

  1. Osu Hit Sound Effect Roblox ID: 7147454322
  2. Vine Boom Sound Effect Roblox ID: 5153845714
  3. Bruh Sound Effect Roblox ID: 5044897021

How to Use Sound Effects in Roblox

To add any sound effect to your game in Roblox Studio, you’ll need to know the name or ID of the sound effect. There are two methods for adding a sound effect to your game:

  1. Toolbox: In the left Toolbox window, choose “Audio” as the file type and then look for the name of the song or sound effect you want to use in your game.
  2. Explorer:
    • In the Workspace category on the right side of the screen, collapse it. Now click on the “plus” symbol next to the thing you wish to preserve as a sound effect. Select “Sound” from the pop-up menu and pick it.
    • Now, search for the Sound ID box in the Properties menu below the Explorer window. Make a note of your favorite sound effect’s Roblox ID in this format: rbxassetid://Insert here
    • If you enter the code correctly, you will be able to hear the sound effect.

Roblox is now available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, Android, and iOS.

Roblox Sound Effect ID Codes 2024

The Boombox is a free program that may be downloaded to your computer. It’s an instrument that generates music and sound effects, making it possible for you to use any of the Roblox Sound Effect ID Codes in any game by simply playing them on the Boombox. While in a game, click on the radio button to activate it

So here is the Sound Effect ID list:

  1. Man Getting Shot Sound Effect ID – 5718786992
  2. Pac Man Death Sound Effect ID – 132366334
  3. Sad Violin Air Horn MLG Sound Effect ID – 221842357
  4. Saw Crazy Loop Sound Effect ID – 5679476449
  5. Scary Whispers Sound Effect ID – 313948389
  6. Shower Water Sound Effect ID – 5697375562
  7. Taco Bell Sound Effect ID – 5696182212
  8. That One Bottle Flip Sound Effect ID – 554704701
  9. Transformers Sound Effect ID Oldskool – 183000311
  10. Truck Horn Sound Effect ID – 5697048749
  11. War Sound Effect IDs ID – 493524372
  12. What Are Those Jurassic Park Sound Effect ID – 295989285
  13. WWE the Fiend Attacks Sound Effect IDs ID – 3966073051
  14. Yeah Boi Sound Effect ID – 610314024
  15. Za Warudo Sound Effect ID – 5679636294
  16. Bruh Sound Effect ID – 5044897021
  17. Osu Hit Sound Effect ID – 7147454322
  18. Vine Boom Sound Effect ID – 6308606116, & 5153845714
  19. Vine Run Sound Effect ID – 562420699
  20. Roblox Oof Hitsound Sound Effect ID – 5943191430
  21. Official Oof Sound Sound Effect ID – 5987688492
  22. Fart Sound Effect ID Codes – 6367774932
  23. Fortnite Gun Sound Effect ID – 3008769599
  24. Sheesh Sound Effect ID – 6591330256
  25. Door Kick Down Sound Effect ID – 2093015544
  26. Fire Burning Sound Effect ID – 158853971
  27. Door Kick Down Sound Effect ID – 2093015544
  28. Bell Sound Effect ID – 131573697
  29. Cartoon Bonk Sound Effect ID – 5682262154
  30. Cartoon Cat Jumpscare Sound Effect ID – 5675117924
  31. Creepiest Sound Effect ID Evar – 147703453
  32. Disappointed Quack Sound Effect ID – 767845364
  33. Dolphin Sound Effect ID – 5711816031
  34. Door Kick Down Sound Effect ID – 2093015544
  35. Dragon Ball Z Sword Hit Sound Effect ID – 232210146
  36. Fire Burning Sound Effect ID – 158853971
  37. Flashbang Sound Effect ID – 2926571220
  38. Flood Escape Sound Effect ID – 5701101916
  39. Forcibly Opening Locked Door Sound Effect ID – 814945203
  40. Girl Crying Sound Effect ID – 927365822
  41. Glizzy Sound Effect ID – 5681644814
  42. Grenade Launcher Sound Effect ID – 1981976520
  43. Hi How Are Ya Sound Effect ID – 1757383220
  44. John Gorilla Sound Effect ID – 4792405837
  45. Jump Rope Girl BaldiSound Effect ID – 1923686477
  46. Level Up Sound Effect ID – 2686079706

These are some of the best sound effect ID codes you can get with Roblox right now. We will add to this list regularly.

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