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We use a Silicon Graphics WebForce R5000 Challenge S server with 256MB of RAM, and 16+ Gigabytes of disk space via a Challenge L Vault. This system is dedicated to serving web pages for our clients as well as research on the latest Web technologies.

Mail services, programming and some graphics work are done on a Silicon Graphics Indy (R4600) workstation with 192 Megabytes of RAM and 6 Gigabytes of local storage space.

A Dual Pentium Pro 200Mhz Machine running Windows NT 4.0 is used in house for various Internet serving and development services. This machine has a 4 Gigabyte hard drive and 96 Megabytes RAM.

We also have a vintage 486-33 PC running Linux that also does secondary nameserving and serves as a test and development machine.

The majority of graphics development, tool research and web site testing take place within the Multimedia department of Golden Dome Productions, which consists of an array of Macintosh machines (from Quadras to PowerPC's) as well as PCs running Windows 3.1, Win95, and WinNT.

We have the technology to produce and serve all of your internet needs.

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