WebSter's Dictionary 2.0

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Welcome. This program provides a forms-based gateway to a spell checker for WWW documents. Enter a URL below, and this program will retrieve the document and spell check it. Any HTML markup is automatically ignored. This provides an easy way to check documents for mistakes without having to deal with the problems of a traditional spell checker flagging markup code.

Enter the URL to spellcheck:
Pressing this button creates a floating window where you can lookup a word's definition in a dictionary.

Please be aware the the "spell checker" is smart, but the forms interface may not be. Be sure that you enter a correct URL in the form, otherwise you may get back invalid results. If you get back a page with no error, chances are there was an error retrieving the document. Check the URL and try again.

Not all of the words the checker flags are misspelled. Obviously, most proper names will not appear in the dictionary. Also, because HTML markup is ignored, misspelled words within markup will be ignored as well. Pay special attention to ALT text and form elements--the speller will not point out those errors!

This program uses the same word list that ispell uses--in fact, ispell is used to check the document. At this time I am unable to add new words to the dictionary, so please do not email me to add "Netscape" or some other word.

If you are looking for a true dictionary, I suggest using the Hypertext Webster Interface. After checking your page for spelling errors, you may also want to use Webtech's HTML Validation Service to insure there are no errors in HTML code.

Copyright 1996 by Patrick J. Hennessey. All Rights Reserved.
Thanks to Todd Goldenbaum for inspiring me to create the original WebSter.
Thanks to Golden Dome Productions for hosting the WebSter's Dictionary.

Last Modified: 17 Oct 1996