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[Solved] How To Fix PS5 WS-37368-7 Error 2024

Fix PS5 WS-37368-7 Error
[Solved] How To Fix PS5 WS-37368-7 Error 2024

Is the WS-37368-7 error showing up on your PS5? This message usually indicates that you have a suspended or banned PlayStation Network account, however there may be other causes. We’ll discuss what the WS-37368-7 error implies and how to repair it in this post.

What is PlayStation WS-37368-7 error?

If you receive the WS-37368-7 error while playing on your PlayStation console, it’s possible that your PSN account has been banned or, in rare instances, that your internet connection is faulty. Typically, this problem develops when a user’s account has broken the ToS or Terms of Service for PlayStation.

Does PlayStation WS-37368-7 error mean your account is banned permanently?

If you have the WS-37368-7 error on your PS5, you may be prevented from playing online and performing online transactions. The severity of the violation has no bearing on whether or not your PSN account is banned permanently.

If your account has been restricted temporarily, you will be unable to use PlayStation Network’s online services for a certain period of time. You won’t get a refund if your PSN subscription expires during the ban.

After a period of time has elapsed, your account will be reinstated. All you have to do now is wait. If your account has been banned temporarily or permanently, there’s not much you can do about it. Permabans are irreversible and cannot be reversed.

It’s worth noting that Sony does thorough research before imposing any sort of ban, whether temporary or permanent, unless your situation falls into one of the following categories:

  • You’ve been banned from playing Animal crossing on your account owing money. This will be rescinded once you have paid off the outstanding balance. If you need assistance settling your debt, contact Sony.
  • If your account has been disabled due to an illegal online ID, you may be able to appeal the removal. 

What are the reasons for WS-37368-7 error?

The most common cause of the WS-37368-7 error is account suspension or permaban. However, due to network difficulties, server problems, or local network malfunctions, there have been a few instances when the error displayed by accident.

Account has been suspended temporarily or permanently.

The error code WAW-30942-1 indicates that your account has been banned due to a violation of the PlayStation Network ToS or Terms of Service. This is something you shouldn’t ignore, especially if you like playing online. The majority of this problem is caused by your account having broken the PlayStation Network ToS or Terms of Service.

If you don’t mind reading legalese and think your account may have been disabled or banned due to a breach, go over the ToS by clicking on the link above.

Server outage or maintenance.

Some users may encounter an error WS-37368-7 on their PS5 or earlier system as a result of server problems. This is uncommon and will generally correct itself.

If you’re sure you didn’t break the TOS, go to the PSN server status page and look for any ongoing problems in your region.

Home internet not working.

The PS5 may suffer from the WS-37368-7 error if it is connected to an incorrect network. This problem is not widespread and might occur only by accident.

Due to IP conflict, some players may have connection difficulties and receive random errors on their PlayStation console. nTo check if there are any ongoing connection problems, do a basic network repair such as restarting the router and performing a speed test on your PS5.

Account login issues.

It’s possible that some PS5 users may forget they updated their account password and be unable to log in to their system. Incorrect credentials at times might generate strange errors. Check if you’re having issues signing in to the PlayStation Network on a different device (smartphone or computer).

How to fix PS5 WS-37368-7 error

If your PS5 keeps displaying the WS-37368-7 error, read on to see what options you have.

Check for server issues.

It’s critical to know whether the PlayStation Network is experiencing any problems. To check that, go to the PSN server status page at –

Run a Speed Test on your PS5.

If there are no issues declared, the next step for you is to check which point the link may have failed. To do so, connect your PS5 to a computer with a working network connection.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Network.
  3. Go to Connection Status.
  4. Select Test Internet Connection.

After the speed test is finished, look for where the problem occurred. There are three possible sources of failure: PSN, Internet, and IP addresses.

Restart the router.

In this situation, you should check to see if the router has been unplugged and replugged. If it hasn’t, try restarting it. You can also use a paper clip or another small implement to push in the reset button if necessary. A reboot restores all software settings to their defaults, allowing them to be optimized for optimal performance once again.

Before turning the router back on, exit it and unplug it for 30 seconds. After that, be sure to wait until all of the lights are steady before connecting your PS5 to the network again. If you still see an issue after that, try logging in to PSN and seeing whether it’s still there.

Review the Terms of Service.

The PlayStation Network Terms of Service is a lengthy document, but it’s not as difficult to understand as you’d think. Even for average users, it’s worth going over if you believe that you or someone (such as your child) has committed an infraction.

You can review the Terms of Service in this link:

Verify your bank does not block payments for Sony.

The PlayStation Network is not forgiving of payment-related difficulties. Check to see whether your card or bank has stopped payments for your subscriptions or made any other form of payment to PlayStation. If you’re unsure, contact Sony with whatever reason for the error, and your bank if it has blocked payments for any reason.

Sign in to other devices.

If you can connect to the PSN on a second device and do online transactions but not on your console, it’s possible that your system has been banned. A console ban is either temporary or permanent, which means that any PSN account you’ll use to sign in will not function.

If you believe your PlayStation has been banned by mistake, please contact Sony.

Check your email.

If you still can’t figure out why you keep getting the WS-37368-7 error on your PS5, make sure to check your email for any correspondence from Sony. Even minor transactions may trigger an email from Sony’s system if you log in to your PSN account.

When you receive an account ban from Sony, the company makes particular efforts to notify you of its decision. Make sure to check your spam folder since Sony notifications may be sent there.

Contact Sony

If you can’t locate any Sony email, or if you disagree with a decision, we recommend that you call them directly.


is the number to call if you have issues with your PlayStation 4 system. (North America)


If you are still encountering the WS-37368-7 error on your PS5, there are a few things you can try before contacting Sony. Make sure to check the PSN server status, run a speed test on your PS5, and review the Terms of Service.

You can also try signing in to other devices, checking your email, and restarting your router. If all else fails, please contact Sony directly.

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