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WebSter's Dictionary

The coolest spellchecker on the web is here. Check It Out! It's new & improved!

Whois Search

This tool allows you to see if a domain name is already taken. Contact us at if there is a domain you would like registered.
Enter domain in question (i.e. "", ";",etc.)
(one at a time)

Calculate Average Download Times

This little accessory allows you to calculate average download time of files on the internet.
Enter the size of the file:

Random Password Generator

You can use this tool to generate a random, pronounceable password. The C source of this program is available (shell archive, ~17k).


There's a known bug in the program in that it sometimes (well, mostly :) generates a password one (1) character shorter than what you requested.
Length of password to be generated:

Smiley Server

Generate a random smiley! Fun for (most of) the whole family! :)

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