Using Social Media To Promote Your Mold Making Business

Does it make any sense to use social media to promote your mold making business? It all depends on what type of business your are promoting and how much you are trying to accomplish. If you are making low-end products, the proverbial washer mold, then it doesn’t make sense to spend time and money on social media.

After all, who is going to visit a Facebook page to get the latest information on washers? On the other hand, if you are in the medical device business, it might make sense to use things like Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit or Stumbleupon. A lot of people are looking for information and sources for articles on the websites and these are favorite places to look.

Who uses social media

Almost anyone with a computer and internet access uses social media, whether they realize it or not. Truth is, we are all more interconnected that we might think. Consider for a moment how many people have a smart phone. All these smart phones are smart because the connect people with information.

They all have a GPS tracking system, which immediately places you in the range for a host of services. Your geographic location will help Yelp know where to look when you need a restaurant, for example. It tells Google maps where you are and how to get to where you want to go.

You do have to be careful, however, when using GPS in rural areas, such as Crested Butte, Colorado. You can quickly end up on a goat path when you are really trying to get on a basic dirt road. It can and does happen, but I do digress.

So the truth is that we all use social media, just for different purposes and to varying degrees. Finding a way to make social media useful is another story in itself.